Covid 19 and the Child Care Act

The Covid 19 emergency poses huge challenges for the whole of Irish society, including those whose responsibility it is to promote the welfare of children and protect those among them who are vulnerable. These challenges will be met by various State agencies and by organisations in the voluntary sector, and already a number of significant measures have been taken to address them.

However, as the crisis continues to unfold new issues will come to the fore, and the management of existing measures will come under scrutiny, including by the courts. The CCLRP has already made two sets of Observations relating to some of the issues that have arisen, and will report on any cases relating to Covid 19 that are addressed by the courts. Given the urgent nature of such cases, we will not wait for the scheduled publication of our next volume of reports in July, but rather report them as soon as possible after they take place, in order to inform decision-making.

We publish below the two Observations we have made to date, and will publish further Observations and court reports under this heading as they arise.