Case Histories 2016 Volume 2, Phase Two


  1. Child and Family Agency withdraws Care Order application after 33 days
  2. Full Care Order granted after expiry of 14-month order due to drug addiction
  3. Emergency Care Order for baby with non-accidental injury
  4. Supervision Order refused for child born in Ireland to UK couple
  5. High Court challenge to legal representation for GALs fails
  6. Judge asks whether District Court systems can deal with long complex cases, following 68 days of hearings
  7. Supervision Order for child placed in care of father; dispute over whether custody or care issue should be decided first
  8. High Court quashes refusal to direct CFA to pay for orthodontic treatment
  9. Care Order for child of mother with disability
  10. Interim Care Order extended with view to return of three-year-old boy
  11. Medical tests sought for Asian asylum seeker
  12. Emergency Care Order for Children Travelling without a Verified Guardian
  13. Parental access visits denied amid allegations of sexual abuse
  14. Four child care cases among 29 cases in provincial district court
  15. Interim Care Order extended amid neglect allegations
  16. Full Care Order until 18 granted for child of homeless mother; judge challenges father’s refusal of responsibility
  17. Review of case of teenage girls needing psychiatric care
  18. Girl remains in care amid delays towards reunification
  19. Children “not dolls to be thrown around” by the CFA: Mother
  20. Full care order for sexually abused child after 14 day hearing

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