Case Reports 2018 Volume 2

Reporters from the CCLRP attend cases in District Courts around the country selected on a random basis, and cases in the High Court involving children in secure care. Given the nature of some of the cases, which can go on for many months with multiple adjournments, not all case reports published below are complete, but rather reflect what happened in court on that day. We publish below the latest volume of such reports.


  1. Emergency change of foster placement in light of non-accidental injury and suspected sexual abuse
  2. High Court quashes emergency care order for newborn removed at birth as disproportionate
  3. Girl in special care made a Ward of Court to allow transfer to UK
  4. Seven cases feature in High Court Minors’ List
  5. Court of Appeal upholds High Court refusal to release child from CFA
  6. Consent for extension of interim care order of infant where mother homeless
  7. Interim care order extended though homeless mother uncontactable
  8. Care order adjourned to allow father to seek legal representation and move to Ireland permanently, mother homeless
  9. Care order for toddler amid concerns about alcohol addiction and homelessness
  10. Interim care orders granted as reunification with homeless mother explored
  11. Interim care order extended where mother had been made homeless
  12. Interim care order for child where concerns about mother’s forced marriage
  13. Interim care order extended for a child suspected of being trafficked
  14. Psychological evidence given in long-running case
  15. Foster carer from travelling community sought
  16. Drugs, alcohol and physical abuse feature in cases in rural town
  17. Judge describes case as “perfect storm”
  18. Court considers case of Irish child in care in UK under Irish care order
  19. Interim care order extended for baby of mentally ill mother
  20. Full care order hearing rescheduled due to delay with assessment
  21. Interim care order extended as parents wait for addiction treatment
  22. Access with father adjourned for forensic risk assessment after two-year delay
  23. Eight interim care orders extended on consent
  24. Reunification planned in review of short care order
  25. Care order extension until 18 refused, two-year order granted
  26. Judge refuses to send child to family abroad amid trafficking concerns
  27. Judge in rural town urges more access for vulnerable mother
  28. Interim care order extended after ten years in voluntary care
  29. Interim care order where teenager missing school
  30. Interim Care Order extended on consent for therapy sessions
  31. Judge refuses to grant interim care order
  32. Judge seeks appointment of GAL
  33. Interim care orders extended for three young children
  34. Supervision order application adjourned for legal representation
  35. Interim care order for infant granted shortly after birth extended
  36. Care order reviews among cases heard in provincial city
  37. Court refuses to discharge care order
  38. Interim Care Order among 22 child care cases heard


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