Case Reports 2019 Volume 2

Reporters from the CCLRP attend cases in District Courts around the country selected on a random basis, and cases in the High Court involving children in secure care. Given the nature of some of the cases, which can go on for many months with multiple adjournments, not all case reports published below are complete, but rather reflect what happened in court on that day. We publish below the latest volume of such reports.


      High Court

  1. High Court oversight of children’s complex care needs
    Observations from the Child Care Law Reporting Project by Lisa Colfer and Carol Coulter
  2. High Court finds CFA failure to seek special care order was unlawful
  3. High Court asks CFA to sort out problems in opening beds in special care units
  4. Girl in secure care absconds by jumping from moving car
  5. Special care order for girl who had gone missing in care
  6. Child with addiction and cognitive issues returns to special care
  7. District court hears boy with extreme behavioural problems living in hostel
  8. Special care order for drug-taking homeless teenager
  9. High Court discharges ward of court from facility in UK, returns girl to parents’ care
  10. High Court rules young ward of court should remain in hospital in UK
  11. High Court amends order for ward of court allowing girl remain at home, judge highlights need for psychological supports
  12. High Court continues detention of a young ward of court in UK hospital
  13. High Court orders inquiry into mental capacity of girl in special care soon to be an adult

    District Court

  14. District Court grants care order for young boy, pending adoption, extends interim care order for older brother in secure care
  15. Full Care Order granted for child in secure care
  16. Judgment made in long-running case: Care orders granted until 2022 after 100 days of hearing, longer orders refused 
  17. Full care orders for two children following allegations of neglect, sexual abuse and domestic violence
  18. Full care order for child where concerns mother being forced into marriage
  19. Interim care orders extended amid allegations against father
  20. Interim care order extended for African children
  21. Uncertainty for immigrant child about to age out of care
  22. Interim care order for suspected victim of trafficking
  23. Disclosures of physical abuse and sexualised behaviour following emergency admission to foster care with suspicious burns
  24. District court grants interim care order for five children following unexplained severe injuries
  25. Court hears of social workers’ efforts to bridge cultural gaps
  26. Full care order for baby whose mother left state
  27. Judge grants care orders, deplores four years’ delay in bringing case and calls for full case management in all child care cases
  28. Reunification of mother and children postponed for 15 months
  29. Full care orders granted on consent, GAL refused hearing of further evidence
  30. Father’s application to discharge interim care order granted
  31. Supervision order for children of immigrants
  32. Interim care order for child with educational needs in seven placements in five months
  33. Full care order granted on consent for troubled teenager
  34. Interim care order for children whose brother had non-accidental injury
  35. Care order for teenager discharged on application of CFA
  36. Full care order after three-day hearing
  37. Short term care order extended for two months for work with GAL
  38. GAL considers a post-adoption after-care allowance needed
  39. Barring order against mother as interim care order extended
  40. Full care order for child in care on short and interim orders for seven years
  41. District Court directs HSE to prepare a discharge plan for girl detained under Mental Health Act
  42. Extension of supervision orders for children affected by domestic violence
  43. Full care orders for four children with poor school attendance
  44. Interim care orders extended where shortage of foster parents highlighted
  45. Mother seeks to discharge care order
  46. Care order hearing adjourned for mediation, mother with intellectual difficulties has GAL
  47. Interim care orders extended in four cases in provincial town
  48. Child and mother reunited after mother’s alcohol treatment
  49. Order extended for baby of mother who had been in care
  50. Four interim care orders in provincial town amid concerns about sexualised behaviour, drug and alcohol abuse and mental health
  51. Full care order for baby in voluntary care since birth
  52. District Court appoints guardian ad litem in voluntary care arrangement
  53. Full care order granted for teenage boy due to mother’s neglect
  54. Review of eight-year-old care orders states access to be at child’s discretion
  55. Case adjourned for mother to seek legal advice where child being adopted

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