Case Reports 2018 Volume 1

Reporters from the CCLRP attend cases in District Courts around the country selected on a random basis, and cases in the High Court involving children in secure care. Given the nature of some of the cases, which can go on for many months with multiple adjournments, not all case reports published below are complete, but rather reflect what happened in court on that day. We publish below the latest volume of such reports.


  1. “Groundhog day” as repeated High Court hearings fail to result in suitable placement for girl leaving secure care abroad
  2. CFA re-enters case following placement breakdown
  3. Five placement moves in 13 days for nine-year-old boy
  4. Care Order for young teenager with behavioural difficulties
  5. Teenager in secure care for six years needs to return to Ireland
  6. CCLRP seeks High Court permission to continue reporting secure care cases
  7. High Court asked to state case on Section 47 powers in relation to a mother with an intellectual disability
  8. Judgment awaited three months after care order hearing concludes
  9. Care Order proceedings resume in rural town
  10. Care order heard over four days in rural town, EU jurisdiction raised
  11. District Court decides infant brought to Ireland from UK is UK resident
  12. Plans for the reunification of 18-month old baby with teenage mother
  13. Reunification planned with mother recovering from heroin addiction
  14. Success story for child in care for three years
  15. Problem with service of documents on mother in UK
  16. Need to formalise situation of girl in voluntary care for almost eight years
  17. Views of child sought in dispute over access
  18. Mother opposes extension of care order for boy in private unit
  19. Court adjourns care review of a nine-year-old boy in residential care
  20. Supervision order for 16-year-old boy moved to care of grandparents
  21. Care order application adjourned to address citizenship concerns
  22. CFA must exercise child’s “right to be forgotten”
  23. Timely assessments and access dominate child care day in District Court
  24. Application to vary care order adjourned to different court jurisdiction
  25. Concerns about paternity as interim care order extended
  26. Three interim care orders extended in rural town
  27. Interim care order for child whose mother deceased
  28. Drug issues and parents in prison concern District Court in rural town
  29. Access to young child suspended temporarily by District Court


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