Case Reports 2019 Volume 1

Reporters from the CCLRP attend cases in District Courts around the country selected on a random basis, and cases in the High Court involving children in secure care. Given the nature of some of the cases, which can go on for many months with multiple adjournments, not all case reports published below are complete, but rather reflect what happened in court on that day. We publish below the latest volume of such reports.


  1. Wardship to allow teenager travel to a specialised therapeutic centre in UK
  2. Review of situation of teenager detained in UK under wardship
  3. Judge: “Where does the care system begin or end and where does the criminal justice system begin or end, perhaps they don’t.”
  4. High Court rules District Court has power to make orders on welfare of child in care
  5. Boy with severe ADHD and substance abuse taken into secure care
  6. Secure care order renewed for teenage girl at risk of sexual exploitation
  7. Child joined as a party to High Court proceedings
  8. Child granted right as a party in High Court proceedings loses appeal to Court of Appeal against special care order
  9. Girl’s inpatient care extended for six weeks under Mental Health Act
  10. Child admitted to child and adolescent mental health unit
  11. Teenager placed in temporary residential placement while on waiting list for psychiatric assessment
  12. Delay in child’s medical assessment could have serious consequences
  13. Section 47 application for a child of Catholic parents to attend Church of Ireland primary school
  14. Interim care order granted following disclosures of physical abuse and sexualised behaviour
  15. Interim care order extended for infant who had serious injuries
  16. Brexit a concern as court discusses case of child in UK under an Irish care order
  17. District Court authorises the CFA to seek transfer of care proceedings to UK where homeless parents struggling in Ireland.
  18. Interim care order granted for toddler whose father lacked stable accommodation, mother addicted to alcohol
  19. GAL appointed for 16-year-old mother with a disability whose baby in interim care
  20. Interim care order extended where mother suffering from mental illness
  21. Supervision order discharged despite GAL’s concerns about ongoing support for father caring for vulnerable child
  22. Family welfare conference need not take place before an interim care order application, proportionality also an issue
  23. Interim care order granted for boys who alleged physical abuse, application later withdrawn
  24. Consent to two-year care order following death of mother
  25. Three-week-old baby returned to UK social services
  26. Father granted permission to reside in the State as the parent of three Irish citizen children in care, CFA considers reunification
  27. Court orders independent report on reunification plan for young girl in an undeveloped country
  28. Evidence continues in long-running case in rural town
  29. Interim care order extended amid fears mother facing forced marriage
  30. Access suspended following concerning disclosures from children
  31. Interim care order extended where concerns about mother’s mental health and alcohol abuse
  32. GAL seeks special care for child who had 35 foster placements
  33. Interim care order extended for child in residential unit amid concerns she may be pregnant
  34. Care orders extended where parent had history of drug use and criminality
  35. Interim care orders for five children where father under investigation
  36. Consent to care order where mother ill, father in custody
  37. Interim care order extended where mother deceased, father in prison
  38. Review of care order where the mother’s new partner, who had never met her children, was contacting the CFA
  39. Breakdown of placement where outsourced care service had money issues
  40. Interim care order granted for teenage girl
  41. Mother consents to interim care and supervision orders amid concerns of toddlers’ vulnerability to sexual abuse
  42. Extension of ICO on an infant while medical records sought
  43. Six-month supervision order while parents assessed, father had child sex conviction
  44. Interim care orders extended to allow progress with parents and children
  45. Twins separated after breakdown of placements
  46. Judge refuses full care order while parents seek representation
  47. Interim care order extended for boy returned to Ireland

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