Aftercare review reports very positive outcome for boy 11 years in care – 2021vol1#25

An aftercare plan for a child who would be 18 years in one month was reviewed in the District Court. The child had been in the care of the Child and Family Agency (CFA) for 11 years. The mother was not in court but was represented.

The solicitor for the CFA said there had been a significant history and this case had been heard by many different judges over the years. She said over the 11 years there had been many difficulties, issues and problems. However, the most recent reports of the guardian ad litem (GAL) and the social worker were the best reports to date.

The CFA solicitor said that the child was attending a private school and was an excellent sportsman. He would continue at school until he had completed his Leaving Certificate in 2022. She said he had expressed interest in studying the social sciences with a view to working in social work. He would be able to remain in a self-contained apartment within the residential unit where he lived.

The GAL supported the plan and said: “[The child] has done great, being involved over the last 10 years had been difficult at times, this case had been complex and traumatic for all involved, but today is a great result.”

The GAL said it was truly an achievement for the boy to get this far. She said: “[The boy] has asked me to say that he wanted to thank everyone who has helped him over the years and wanted to thank the judges for protecting him all this time.” The GAL said the boy had resumed a relationship with his father and his father’s family which was going well.

The mother’s representative said that his mother was pleased that he was doing so well and wanted access with him to be reinstated. The solicitor for the CFA and the GAL told the court that the boy did not want access with his mother. 

The judge approved the plan and he thanked the commitment and dedication of all involved including the social worker, the GA and the legal representatives. The judge said this was a happy outcome and reflective of the hard work the professionals had given to the case. He said that it was an excellent result and it could be said that the boy had reached his full potential. He wished the child all the very best for the future.