Approval of aftercare plan for a young girl in supported care unit- 2022vol2#50

An aftercare plan was approved for a teenage girl who had been in a specialist supported care facility for the last seven years or so and was thriving in this environment. The court was informed that plans were being made for the girl to move to an apartment near the facility. Her school reports indicated that she was engaging well and that it was likely she would do well in her Leaving Certificate exams.

The girl had expressed an interest to do a Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) course in the tourism sector. She remained in contact with her birth family.

The court noted that the teenager was currently receiving various grinds to assist her in her studies and that previously a judge had raised concerns that funds would be in place to continue these grinds when the girl left the care unit. The judge asked if there was any fee for these courses currently, to which the answer was no, the grinds were fully funded. The judge was informed that when the girl moved out to her new apartment she would still not be required to pay for the grinds, but she would be required to provide a direct debit of 150 euros towards a savings account in her name. This was in order to help the girl learn important budgeting skills.

It was noted that the aftercare plan had been gone through with the girl and her social care workers and that she and they were happy with the plan. It was understood that it would be a big change for the girl.

The solicitor for the CFA asked that the court would finalise the aftercare plan today. It was noted that the guardian ad litem (GAL) was also supportive of the plan.

The judge approved the aftercare plan. He noted in that regard that the girl was happy with the plan and that the concerns of the previous judge regarding the continued funding of the her grinds had been addressed. He noted that the original signed aftercare plan was not in court but that it would be handed in. He also reappointed the GAL until such time as the girl turned 18 years of age.