Care order for very young baby who came into the country without parents – 2021vol2#3

A judge in a rural town granted a twelve-month care order for a young baby. The social work team leader told the court that the child was one year old and had come into the country one month ago. This was the first time a young baby had come into the country alone.

The baby’s parents had been living in a camp overseas and the baby was born with a very rare medical diagnosis. This medical condition meant that the child had a very rare hormonal composition linked to sexual development.

Due to her medical needs, the parents surrendered the child to the State authorities and the baby was placed in an orphanage hospital under the care of that country’s government. The government subsequently considered the baby to be a suitable candidate for International Placement.

The judge said that there was currently no court order regulating the care of this baby, “the youngest asylum seeker ever”, who had come to Ireland without parents. The social work team leader explained that the baby was here under International Protection. Suitable foster-parents had been located and they were aware of the baby’s rare medical diagnosis. The foster-parents had travelled to meet the child in the orphanage.

The judge granted a Section 18 care order for the baby for 12 months and he listed a date for review of the case after six months.