Care Order granted for baby where mother unable to give instructions

A Care Order for two and a half years was granted by a District Court in a provincial city for a baby whose mother was incapable of instructing her legal representatives.

The CFA had sought a care order for one year in order for the mother to be assessed as to her parenting capacity. The father was unknown and was not a party to the proceedings. The GAL in the case had recommended a care order until eighteen for the child, arguing that the child and foster parents needed stability and certainty.

The mother’s legal team had not been able to obtain instructions from the mother and in those circumstances was not opposing the order but was seeking for it to be limited to one year.

The judge noted, in making the order, that the lady in question carried the burden of other proceedings and other sensitive issues. The court heard from two social workers that extensive efforts had been put into sourcing the right foster parents for this particular child.