Child leaves residential centre for foster care – 2013vol2#7

A boy whose behaviour was “very, very concerning” and who was sent to a residential centre because he was not suitable for foster care was described as having turned his life around in the District Court. The court was reviewing a Care Order made in 2010.

The solicitor for the HSE said he had come into care in 2010 when aged ten. “His behaviour was very, very concerning,” the solicitor said. “He had extreme behaviours.

“He has turned his life around. He engaged meaningfully when in residential care. He went back to foster care a year ago and it’s going very well. He’s a talented young person.”

The solicitor said the psychological services in the residential centre were dealing with the boy. “Overall this is a positive story. The parents are supportive of what the HSE is trying to do,” he said.

The solicitor for the mother said that the parents and the foster parents were cooperating in relation to access to the boy. This was very positive for him, and the school was also very positive about him.

The judge asked the lawyers if the child had been offered the opportunity to attend the court. The solicitor said he had not. “He’s still very immature. We felt it was not in his interests at this stage.”

The judge said he was to be invited to the next Care Order review.