Interim Care Order application converted to full Care Order – 2015vol3#33

A full Care Order was granted for a teenager in a rural town during an application for an Interim Care Order when the child’s only living parent, her father, said he wished to consent to a full Care Order.

The solicitor for the Child and Family Agency said Tusla was applying for an Interim Care Order, pending an application for a Care Order for the teenager, who had serious mental health issues. She was making on-going threats to end her own life. Her mother was dead.

Her father, who represented himself, said he did not understand the application for an Interim Care Order. The judge said it was an interim order, pending the full Care Order application, which would be heard later.

The CFA solicitor said the child had been taken into care under an Emergency Care Order and was in foster care at the moment. There was a letter from the child for the judge, to be seen by him only. The judge read the letter.

“This is a difficult one,” he said. ”The letter is for my eyes only. I can tell you this much,” he told the father, “she does not want to live with you.”

“I know. I would consent to a full Care Order,” the father said.

“I can convert the present application to a full Care Order,” the judge said. He granted the Care Order until the child was 18. “Are you happy with that?” he asked the father.

“I know her feelings,” he replied. “Does this mean I never have to deal with social workers again? I have other children in my care.”

Judge: “You can make arrangement to see her with the CFA.”

Father: “I have no wish to see her.”