Interim care order extended for child with significant health needs – 2023vol1#27

A judge in a provincial town granted an interim care order for three months for a preschool aged child who had significant health needs. The mother and father, who were not in court, but were legally represented, consented to this application. Dates had been set for a full care order hearing.

The girl had attended hospital and had to be admitted on three occasions since the last court date. Her condition continued to be monitored closely by health care professionals. The child-in-care review had focused on long-term planning. The placement was meeting all of the girl’s needs. She and the foster carers were receiving 10 hours of nursing care per week and four nights per month of nursing care from the Jack and Jill Foundation. The girl also attended Laura Lynn for respite.

There had been issues, including that the parents had not been informed of the deterioration of the girl’s health. However, the mother’s new phone numbers had been given to the hospital and other health care professionals. The social worker assured the court the mother would be informed as soon as possible if there was a deterioration in the girl’s health.

There had been access but the parents had not always attended. There had been five scheduled access visits, the mother and father had attended one together and the mother had attended one by herself. The mother had cancelled one because she was unwell, and one had been cancelled because the girl had been unwell.

The access worker’s report had said they had concerns that the father’s attention was not with the girl and he spent a great deal of time on his phone. It was decided to reduce access from every two weeks to every four weeks. The parents had agreed with this reduction and had said monthly access would be better for them.

The social worker said the foster carers were committed to the girl and the placement was approved as a long-term placement. She confirmed the parents were very happy with the foster carers and the foster placement.

The judge granted an extension of the interim care order for three months.