Interim care order extended for girl discharged from special care – 2022vol1#49

A judge in a metropolitan area on the consent of all the parties granted an extension of an interim care order for 28 days for a young person recently discharged from special care.

This application concerned a girl who had been recently discharged from a special care unit and moved to a step-down residential placement. As the special care order was due to expire the Child and Family Agency (CFA) wanted the court to grant an extension of a previous interim care order. Evidence was heard from the solicitors of the CFA and the guardian ad litem (GAL). The mother was not in court but was legally represented. The father had not engaged in any services and had not been part of the proceedings to admit the young person to special care. However, the solicitor for the CFA assured the court the father had been told of the application today.

The solicitor for the CFA told the court that the girl had settled in her placement. She was reported to be happy, doing well and she had been told of and agreed with the extension of the interim care order. The mother was consenting to the application.

The solicitor for the GAL said the young person had absconded twice and it was reported a sexual assault may have occurred. The CFA denied an assault had occurred but both parties agreed that it would be arranged for the girl to be interviewed by specialised gardai.

The judge granted an extension of an interim care order for 28 days and requested the specialised interview take place as soon as possible.