Interim care order extended for girl in third level education pending full care order and aftercare plan – 2023vol1#28

A judge in a rural area extended an interim care order for a young girl who was about to leave the care of the Child and Family Agency (CFA). He stressed the importance of ensuring aftercare plans were completed.

This matter concerned a young girl who would be 18 in early 2023. The mother was not in court but was legally represented. An aftercare plan had been devised but had not been completed or signed by all the relevant parties.

The social worker said the girl was doing well. She had commenced third level education and was studying law in a different county. She lived on her own and was stressed about her first set of examinations. She had fears and anxieties of being alone and texted the social worker daily. While she had relatives who lived close to where she was studying, she did not stay with them. The social worker kept the girl’s mother updated with her progress.

The judge remarked that it was impressive the young girl was doing so well in college. He granted an extension of the interim care order and set dates for an application for a full care order hearing. He said he was anxious that the full care order hearing was heard to ensure the young person was supported with aftercare planning. He urged all parties to sign the aftercare plan.