Interim care order extended where parents suffering drug addiction and homelessness – 2020vol1#40

An interim care was extended in Dublin District Court in respect of a baby where there was a history of drug misuse on the part of the parents. The baby had been placed in foster care with his one-year-old sister. The GAL supported the application.

The social worker said the circumstances had not changed. The parents were offered a number of chances to address various concerns including housing issues but they missed the appointments. The parents had not been proactive in addressing their addiction problems. The parents attended only one access visit since the baby left hospital.

The baby’s birth could not be registered until he turned three months old. The social worker said she would notify the parents about the registration of his birth and his medical needs. The baby was placed with his older sister. He was somewhat unsettled initially in the placement but had integrated well. The GAL said the baby was thriving both emotionally and physically.

The GAL made contact with the parents on the phone. The mother understood what she had to do for the baby to be returned to her care. She was aware that she needed to engage with a rehabilitation service and complete psychotherapy. The mother told the GAL that she was not in a position to commence rehabilitation but she was availing of a methadone programme and was linking in with the social worker to gain access to a residential programme.

The father said that he and the mother were homeless. He said he was involved in a drug treatment programme but was “reluctant to say how it would progress.” The father did not seem to be aware of what he had to do for the child to be returned to his care.

The interim care order was extended for 28 days.