Interim care order extended while inappropriate behaviour of father examined – 2022vol1#16

An interim care order was extended in respect of one child, child A, in a provincial town. An interim care order was granted in respect of the child’s sibling, child B. The father was not represented but had applied for legal aid and he consented to the applications. There were allegations of inappropriate behaviour on his part.

Child A had been taken into care on foot of an emergency care order while child B had been residing with her father. She disclosed he misused alcohol and left her alone for long periods of time. The child had said the father made her sad and she was too sad to cry. She often had to take care of her brother and her father. The father would not eat and he drank too much.

There were allegations of the father’s inappropriate behaviour and that he slept in the bed with the child. The child was now residing with a family friend and the friend would support the child for as long as required, the court heard. The child had a great relationship with this friend. She wanted further therapeutic supports and was on the waiting list for CAMHS.

Given the serious allegations and the father’s inappropriate behaviour, the social worker was of the view the child’s health development and welfare would be impaired if the order was not made. The judge appointed a guardian ad litem for both children. Child B was to be medically examined, assessed and treated if necessary and access be subject to section 37 of the Act.

The judge granted the interim care order in respect of child B and extended the interim care order in respect of child A for two months.