Interim care order for unaccompanied minor who fled from the Taliban – 2021vol2#4

The District Court made an interim care order (ICO) in respect of an unaccompanied minor from Afghanistan who had fled from the Taliban in the summer of 2021. The minor had been referred to the Child and Family Agency (CFA) by the International Protection Office (IPO).

The court heard that a family member had assisted the boy to leave Afghanistan due to family problems with the Taliban and that the boy did not know where his family was.

The boy had travelled to Iran in the company of other Afghans and then travelled to Turkey and through several other European countries before arriving in Ireland alone. The court was told that he was in relatively good health but that he suffered from headaches. He had limited education with only basic literacy skills.

The court heard that the Child and Family Agency (CFA) was unable to verify the location of the boy’s parents, but that the department had the number of a relative whom they would try to contact with the aid of an interpreter.

The boy will be assisted in applying for international protection.