Judge speaks to unaccompanied minor, grants care order – 2021vol2#5

The District Court made a care order until the age of 18 for an unaccompanied minor who travelled to Ireland from Africa. The minor wanted to speak to the judge and the court granted his request. He spoke with the judge before the hearing, and he remained in court for the duration of the CO application.

The court was told that the boy had travelled from an African country where he lived with his grandmother, and that the CFA initiated a family tracing application through the Red Cross. The court heard that the boy was settling in very well and had started school. His placement was meeting all of his needs and he had access to the Quran and the mosque.

The guardian ad litem (GAL) told the court that they supported the care order application and that it was good to see the boy in court. The GAL said that the CFA provided a lot of resources to unaccompanied minors which should be recognised. The GAL told the court that the boy had a pleasant personality and that his journey had been a journey of wonder. She said that he wanted to go to school and do well and that school had now been provided to him. She said that he was in a good placement, was settling in well and had a lovely relationship with his carers.

The judge said that the boy had told him that he would like a bike. The CFA told the court that if he made a small contribution towards the bike the CFA would provide the rest.

The court granted the care order until the age of 18 and discharged the GAL, who would be reappointed before the aftercare review. The boy told the judge that he had food and peace of mind and thanked the judge for his time and he gave the judge a thank you card that he had made.