Six placement changes in six weeks for two children aged two and three years – 2024vol1#42

A case came before the Dublin District Court for the purpose of the Child and Family Agency’s solicitor updating the court on placements for two children aged two and three years respectively.

The children had been in care under a voluntary agreement for six weeks and then the previous week an interim care order had been made on consent. The court was told by the solicitor for the Child and Family Agency (CFA) that the children had had six different placements in that period and that the placement they were currently in was an emergency (out-of-hours) placement and was only guaranteed for that night.

All of the parties involved in the case understood the urgency of the situation and the CFA solicitor said everything was being done to obtain a more secure placement. She said that potential foster carers had been identified but that the process took time. The solicitor for the mother said she accepted the efforts being made but was concerned.

The solicitor for the guardian ad litem (GAL) said that at some point there had to be a question asked as to what was better for the children and to consider the duty of care the State had for them. He accepted the position of the fostering team but said everything needed to be done to bridge the gap.

The judge listed the case again for mention the next day and said he did not envy the position the CFA found themselves in but that a placement was needed.

The case was listed for mention for the following day.