Supervision order discharged following reunification of mother and baby – 2021vol1#24

A District Court in a regional city granted an application by the Child and Family Agency (CFA) to discharge a supervision order in respect of a young child. The young girl had been taken into care as an infant and, following an interim care order for a number of months, she was reunified with her mother under a supervision order for 12 months.

The social work team leader informed the court that the mother was initially suspicious of the social work department as she had been in care as a child. However, she said that after the child was taken into care as an infant, a reunification plan was put in place which included parenting supports and since the child was reunified with her mother, things had been going very well.

The judge asked how long was left in the supervision order and he was informed by the solicitor for the CFA that the order was not due to expire for another six months. The judge told the mother that it was a note of confidence in her that the CFA were seeking to discharge the supervision order six months out.

The judge complimented the mother on the work she had done and the mother told the judge that she had no difficulty in the social work department touching base from time to time. The social work team leader informed the court that the mother had a very good relationship with her family support worker and she would remain in place for some time.

The judge discharged the supervision order and the services of the guardian ad litem.