Three applications withdrawn by CFA– 2015vol2#9

A number of applications for various orders were withdrawn by the Child and Family Agency in two neighbouring rural towns, as the situations of the families concerned were said to have improved.

In the first case, where the CFA had been seeking a full Care Order, the social worker told the court that the mother had gone for treatment for alcohol abuse to a residential centre and was now in after-care. She was meeting all her requirements. Her eldest child had moved back home and now had a much better relationship with her mother. The mother had insight into the impact of her behaviour on her children. The CFA was therefore withdrawing its application.

In the second case there had been a Supervision Order in place and the CFA had lodged an application for a new six-month Supervision Order. However, the CFA solicitor said they were now withdrawing it.

The social worker told the court that since the application was lodged the mother had continued to engage and her relationship with the social work department was very open and communicative. She was doing extremely well and continuing to engage with a parenting group.

The judge recalled the existing order had been due to expire that day. She had put the matter in for review and the next day the agency had put in a new application. It was now seeking to withdraw it. “I need to look at the section [of the Act] to consider it,” she said.

The CFA solicitor agreed there appeared to be a discrepancy in the application.

The judge noted that the existing order expired that day and the new order was withdrawn. She said she was making no other order.

In the third case the CFA solicitor also said the agency was withdrawing its application for Supervision Orders for six children. “We had very serious concerns about general supervision, disturbances at home, Gardai calling, alcohol abuse,” the social worker said. “There was a child protection conference. Since then there has been general improvement in the parents working with services. They are engaging with the social work department.

“We are sure this will continue. Assessments are on-going. A lot of services are involved. The parents are cooperating. We visited the house, including the bedrooms. It was very clean, there was appropriate food in the house.”

The judge recalled that the history of the case included Interim Care Orders. She accepted the withdrawal of the application.