Transgender child ward of court soon to turn 18 to remain in care in community – 2023vol2#54

Orders providing for care in the community, with a number of restrictions, for a transgender child with psychological problems who was a ward of court were renewed by the High Court early last year, and were to be reviewed when the child turned 18. The guardian ad litem (GAL) was to remain in place.

The GAL’s lawyer told the court that, while the young person was not happy with the orders, they understood that they provided clarity and reassurance for their mother. However, they did not wish to see their mother at that time. The lawyer said that the situation had stabilised since the earlier orders were made. The young person did not wish any further information to be given to the court, but was happy that the GAL should remain.

The parents’ representative said that they were happy with the regime in place.

The lawyer for the HSE, which had brought the application, said that the doctor in the case had provided a detailed report stating that the young person had made very significant progress since the matter was last before the court. It was of great credit to the young person and their parents as the progress was due to the cooperation of the teenager and their parents. A series of recommendations were set out at the conclusion of the report.

The judge said, having considered all the evidence, she was satisfied to continue the orders. There were restrictive requirements, but they were clearly in the young person’s best interests as things stand. She said she would review the case on the eve of the young person’s 18th birthday.