Care Order granted for a year – 2013vol1#20

A full Care Order for three children was granted for a year with the consent of the mother.

The HSE solicitor told the court the mother’s three children had been received into voluntary care last summer. The mother made disclosures about her heroin use and violent incidents in her home.

The social worker told the court the mother was using heroin on a regular basis. She had lost her accommodation and needed help with her drug addiction. Previously she had been seriously assaulted. The guards had concerns about the address at which she was staying.

“She has been very open with us,” he said. “She needs help. She can’t care for the children. She consents to a one year care order. The children are with people who were very good to her [the mother] when she was growing up.”

The mother’s solicitor said the mother acknowledged the help she got from the social workers. If she could get into a residential drug treatment centre she would go.

The order was granted for one year.

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